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A little bit further, but also worth a visit if you have your own car and some more time, are the following beaches.

Agia Galini - (about 20km)
Agia Galini has a pleasant and enjoyable sandy/pebble beach with many facilities to serve as a real holiday area.


Akoumia / Triopetra Beach
- (about 47km)
On the main road from Rethymnon - Agia Galini you'll pass the small village of Akoumia, where you turn left (coming from Agia Galini) in the direction of Triopetra. It's 12 km asphalted road leading to two beautiful and calm beaches. One km before reaching the beach, you can decide, if you turn right in the direction of Akoumia beach or left in the direction of Triopetra beach.

Triopetra has a long sandy beach, with some rocky parts. If you look back, standing on the beach, you'll find a small white chapel on a hill. If you follow the ascending path in this direction you'll reach another beautiful beach before cape Melissa and Agios Pavlos. The 3 rocks in the water, that have given the name to the small village of Triopetra separate Triopetra from Akoumia beach.


Agios Pavlos - (about 42km)

Agios Pavlos is a small village, about 27km southeast of Spili on the main road from Timbaki to Rethymnon. Just before Nea Krya Vrysi you turn south onto a 13km serpentine road, pass through Saktouria and reach the bay of Agios Pavlos. This bay is also frequented by tour boats from Agia Galini, if you don't have your own rental car, and has a beautiful beach with a high sand dune to the west of the village.

On the Cape Melissa – also named "the crocodile" because of its look - in western direction from Agios Pavlos you find rocks in a folding formation with many different beautiful coloured rock beds, showing a waving striped pattern.




Vathy Beach
- (about 17 km)
If you follow the road towards the south from Kamilari, through the villages of Sivas and Listaros, you will pass the monastery of Odigitria. Take a right turn here on the track and follow the signs of "Martsalo" first and later to "Vathy" (4WD is recommended). You end up on a small beach caught between white cliffs, in the bottom of a spectacular fiord deeply entering into the land; one shepherd, one or two fishermen, and maybe a small snack during summertime...- That's it!

(Please don't forget to bring your own fresh water!)

Kali Limenes and Lendas - (about 20-30km)

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