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churchesandmonasteries_1There are many important churches in the surroundings of Kamilari.

For those who are interested in visiting them, we give a short overview as far as we know on the names, location and meanings behind the churches (in alphabetical order).

Agios Antonios of Agiofarango

Agia Fotini
It's the church, that you pass, getting down from Phaistos, towards Mires-Timbaki road.

Agios Georgos tou Galata
(the one inside Agia Triada archaeological site)

Agios Georgios Theotokou
(Agios Georgios Falandras, belonging to Agios Ioannis - Falandra being the name of the area)

Agios Panteleïmonas (above Komos beach)
This church probably has one of the most beautiful panoramic views of all the surroundings. It's situated on a hill overlooking the Komos beach and archaeological site, as well as the Messara Bay and the Psiloritis summit.

Agios Pavlos (Saint Paul in Agios Ioannis)

It's a church far away from Kamilari on your way to Heraklion, between Agii Deka and Agia Varvara. There is a pilgrimage every year in May or June. People go there by foot from Mires and Timbaki.

Evangelistria - Kalamaki
It's the name of the church in the turn on your left about 500m before Kalamaki. It's built on top of old archaeological findings from the classic period.


It's the monastery between Timbaki and Mires, which is still active.



Monastery Agios Nikolaos – in Rouvas
You pass by the monastery, when you go walking up the Rouvas gorge, starting from Zaros lake.

Monastery Koudoumas

Monastery of Odigitria

Monastery of Valsamonero

Monastery of Vrontissi

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